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Back To The Past Comic- Part 20 by amyrose116
Back To The Past Comic- Part 20
New page!! I made it on my school when I have time x3
I hope you guys like it, and yes, this guy is Yuki...
Amy belongs to :iconsegalogoplz:
Amy style and comic belongs to me :iconamyrose116:
Back to The Future...

Sonic: What's wrong Ames?
Amy: Sonic... It's been almost a week since I do not see Flash .. is that he is in the house of Future or Melissa?
Sonic: I don't know Ames, Flash is a big boy, he can take care of himself...
Amy: Yes, but-
Sonic: Shhh *Smiles and Kisses her* hmmmm =w=
Amy: *Blush* S-Sonic... not now please...
Sonic: Just a little Ames... *Smiles and kisses her*
Amy: *Blushes*
Emily: *Starts crying*  
Sonic: Hmm... maybe later... 
Amy: *Smiles* 
Sonic: I'm going to see her * Leaves*
Amy: Okay! *Sigh* Later I'll look for Flash...
Sonic: *With Emily* Good morning Mommy!
Amy: *Smiles* Let's have breakfast!

Some minutes later...

*Knocks the door* 
Blaze: Oh hi Amy! *Smiles*
Amy: Hi blaze! Hm... Flash is here?
Blaze: No, I think.. wait... Future come here..
Future: What mom? *Sees Amy: H-hi aunt Amy... 
Amy: Hi Future, you know where is Flash...
Future: .... I...I
Blaze and Amy: ....
Blaze: Future... where is Flash? *Getting angry*
Future: M-Melissa... Melissa can tell you both...
Amy: *Starts getting nervous*
Blaze: Calm Amy, let's talk with Cream and Tails... and you come with us Future!
Future: O-O-Okay....


*Knocks the door* Cream! Tails!
Cream: Hi Amy... what's wrong? 
Amy: Cream please... Flash is here? 
Cream: No Amy... 
Amy: Omg... where is my son??!! *Starts crying* 
Blaze: Amy calm please... Cream where is Melissa and Tails? We're all have to talk!!
Cream: Melissa!!! Honey!!! Come here!
Melissa: What's happened mom? *Sees Amy* ....
Sonic: *Knocks the door* Hi Cream, how's the baby? *Enters and sees Amy*  Amy: What's wrong?
Tails: What's happen guys?
Cream: Melissa... tell us the truth! Where is Flash??
Sonic and Tails: What are you guys talking?
Melissa: Flash is.... in the past... 
Amy/Blaze/Cream/Tails/Sonic: WHAT?
Melissa: Flash wanted to go to the past to meet his parents... know know how they are, how they acted with each other...and how they fall in love...
Sonic: What?
Future: This is the truth!
Sonic: But how?
Tails: I remember that I created a "time machine* in bracelet form... 
Future: Melissa gives this bracelet to Flash and them we're all go to the past... Later Flash activated the bracelet and here me and Melissa are, he stay there with his "parents".
Cream: *Sits* Flash may have problems there... with eggman or other guy...
Tails: Honey, be careful, don't forget the baby...
Cream: Yes...
Melissa: *Starts crying* I just made it for Flash... 
Sonic: Tails, you have to create another!
Tails: But Sonic... It take a lot of time.
Sonic and Amy: I know you can do it!
Amy: *Crying* Please Tails... 
Tails: .... *Smiles* LEAVE IT TO ME!

Back To The Past- Part 19
New part ^w^
I'm a little tired... I have a lot of thing to do... but I hope you guys like it and YES, Melissa will have a little brother or sister. XD
Sonic, Amy, Blaze, Cream and Tails belongs to :iconsegalogoplz:
Emily, Flash, Melissa and Future belongs to me :iconamyrose116:
Finally I can made commissions, because I'm on vacation

 :iconyaayplz: :iconyaayplz: :iconyaayplz: :iconyaayplz: :iconyaayplz: <33333333

Traditional: 10 :points:
Traditional full body: 15 :points:

Lineart: 20 :points:
Digital(from the head to waist): 25 :points:
Digital full body : 30 :points:

Human(Just the face):  30 :points:

EXTRA CHARACTERS: +5 :points: 

:iconamyrose116: :iconamyrose116: :iconamyrose116: :iconamyrose116: :iconamyrose116:

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