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BTTP- Wedding by amyrose116

Sonic: * Go down to the hall and sees his friends Tails and Knuckles* TAILS KNUCKLES??!!
Tails: HEY BRO!
Knuckles: HEY SONIC! 
Sonic: Wow, It's nice to see you both again! *Embrace they*
Tails: Hehehe
Knuckles: We not would lose the wedding of our great friend. * Smiles * But as you could want to marry Amy?
Sonic: It's a long story... but you two knew that I like Amy a little... *Blushes* Speaking of marriage, I see that you married Knuckles. Is Rouge your wife?
Knuckles: Yes, Rouge loves to give me work *Pant* 
Tails/Sonic: *Laugh*
Rouge/Cream: *Appears* 
Rouge: Sonic *Hugs him* I'm so happy! You have a nice girl in our side <3
Sonic: I know Rouge *Smiles*
Cream: Sonic, congrats! *Hugs him* Be happy with Amy and take care of her please!
Sonic: Thanks Cream! *Smiles* And I will!
Rouge: Cream let's see her! Excuse me guys! *Leaves with Cream*

With Amy...

*Knocks the door* Amy?!
Amy: That voice... Rouge?
Cream: *Runs and higs Amy* AMYY!!!
Amy: *Embrace they* Oh girls I'm so happy for you two be there...
Rouge: We would not lose your marriage with Sonic for nothing in the world, we want you to be very happy with the bluebird * laughs*
Amy: *Laughs* Thanks girls.
Cream: Wow Amy, you look beautiful! Like a princess! *Smiles*
Amy: *Blushes and Smiles*
Rouge: * Gets closer on Amy* Have you considered how will be the honeymoon? I refer to your underwear...
Amy: *Blushes* W-WHAT? ROUGE!
Rouge: What? You did not think about it right? So...* Gives a beautiful nightdress to Amy* For you!
Amy: *Blushes* I-I don't need that, I think... 
Rouge: You want to please Sonic to your own style right? *Smiles*
Amy: *Blushes* .... *Smiles* Yeah... 
Queen: *Appears* Amy-chan , let's go?
Amy: Y-yes! *Nervous* 


~The music starts to sound, and the bride to walk in search of her greatest desire, your marriage with a loved one.
~Amy went alone in the room and walked toward his beloved.
~The guests made silence amid this beautiful scene, waiting for the priest to do the votes... until...

"Amy Rose, Do you accept Sonic The Hedgehog as your legitimate spouse?"

Amy: I do!
"Sonic The Hedgehog, Do you accept Amy Rose as your legitimate wife?"
Sonic: I do!
"By the power vested in me, I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife.You may kiss the bride."

~Slowly, Sonic lifts the veil of Amy and her lips slowly collide. All guests applaud the expected engagement and give congratulations to the bride and groom.

Sonic/Amy: *Smiles and Laughs*
Queen: *Hugs Sonic and Amy* I hope you are very happy together! Enjoy this special day and also this beautiful moonlight! I love you two! *Starts crying* 
Sonic/Amy: *Hugs her*

~All took the wedding party, especially the bride and groom, until the final moment of the day was about to arrive. However, Flash appears...

Flash: Mommy? 
Amy: FLash? Hi honey!
Flash: Well you will be back...? Queen Aleena said that you and daddy are going to travel...
Amy: .... *Smiles* I'll be back in a few days honey... *Hugs him and kisses him* I have to go!
Sonic: .... *Hugs FLash* We're come back soon, so don't worry okay?
Flash: *Starts crying* Okay... take care of my mom daddy...
Sonic: I will, bye little one! *SMiles*
Flash: Bye... 
Queen: Don't you worry Flash, your sister will be back soon! *Smiles* You will stay with me..

~Sonic and Amy depart for honeymoon, leaving already miss everyone, until minutes later both reach the planned destination...

*Picks up Amy* Here we are!
Amy: *Blushes and smiles*
Sonic: *Blushes* H-hm.. s-so...
Amy: ... S-Sonic...I know I'm not perfect or outside or inside, but I'll do anything to see you smile every day, that you can be happy with me and can never happen something evil in our relationship... 
Sonic: *Looks at her and blushes* 
Amy: S-so... So please... take me as I am, all I have to offer you is my fidelity... *Looks at him* And my love... *Blushes*
Sonic: *Smiles and hugs her* I'm the luckiest guy. Not because I am a Prince or the hero of Mobius, but by having a special woman next to me. I'll do anything to protect you and never stop loving you ... I love you Amy... I always will!
Amy: *Looks at him blushed* Sonikku... 
Sonic: * Kisses Amy slowly* hm...
Amy: *Shaking a little* H-hm...
Sonic:  *Picks her up and puts her on the bed* I love you...
Amy: *Blushes* I love you too... 
Sonic: *Smiles and kisses her again and slowly takes her clothers off, with a lot of affection*
Amy: Ah...I-I...  *Gets Embarassed and Hides her body with the hands* D-don't look....*bLushes* 
Sonic: *Takes her hands of slowly and smiles* You are beautiful Amy *Pant* ..don't be shy... *Lovely Smiles*  
Amy: *Blushes* I love you... 
Sonic: *Hugs her gently and starts* I love you too... *Breathless* 
Amy: *Hugs him tight* A-ah... "So must time has passed since we first met... Why does my heart still beats so quickly?... Why do I love him so much?... Will Sonic continue to love me too?... Will there be things that will make my heart race from time to time?... It'd be great if that were so...
I love you Sonic..."

~Amid that moonlight and the starry sky, two souls give themselves to each other and become one. A set of emotions and desires, which can not be broken...

Back To The Past- Part 26
Aaaaww I really loved to do this page >w< I hope you guys love it too!!! BEST SONAMY COMIC EVER (for me XD)
Sonic, Amy, be happy together <3 Love you two <3 
Sonic, Amy, Aleena, Knuckles, Tails, Cream and Rouge by :iconsegalogoplz:
Khan and Sally by Archie
Sonic and Amy style, Draw, comic and Flash belongs to me :iconamyrose116:
BTTP- Wedding by amyrose116
BTTP- Wedding
SonAmy wedding in a scene of my comic Back To The Past <3
I hope you guys like it <3
Sonic and Amy belongs to :iconsegalogoplz:
Sonic and Amy style and draw belongs to me :iconamyrose116:
Sonic and Amy, along with the Queen Aleena, were too busy with the wedding preparations. Then they had already spent two days and two nights...

 *Laying in bed* So... My biggest dream will be realized omorrow... I'm so nervous. I'm really ready to get married? *Blushes and smiles* Yes... I am, I'll finally be Sonic's wife... I want to stay with him for the rest of my life! I'm so nervous that I can't thing!  Kyaaaaaaaa!!!! X3 
Sonic: *Knocks* 
Amy: *Gets up and goes to the door* Who is it?
Sonic: ME!
Amy: *Opens the door* H-hi Sonic... ^^
Sonic: Hello... *Blushes* S-so...It's tomorrow... hehe
Amy: *Blushes* Yeah ahaha...
Sonic: Amy, are you happy?
Flash: *Looking* 
Amy: Are you stupid? *Hugs him* Of course I am! *Blushes* My biggest dream will come true... I will become his wife...
Sonic: *Hugs her back and smiles* I definitely will make you happy... * Kisses Amy's forehead *
Amy: *Blushes* Nya...
Sonic: What was that *Laughs* 
Amy: N-nothing! *Blushes* 
Sonic: Let's sleep okay... tomorrow we're gonna have  a lot of fun! *Kisses Amy* Night my bride! Love you! *Leaves*
Amy: Bye! *Enters in her room* W-wait, what kind of Fun he was talking about?! *Blushes* Uff... let's forget that, I'll sleep. Flash, let's sleep! 
Flash: Okay mom! 
Amy: I noticed your presence when I was talking with the Sonic! *Angry face*
Flash: S-sorry mom. I just wanted to see it! I really want you to be happy with daddy! *Smiles*
Amy: Oh Flash... *Hugs him* Let's sleep okay? *Smiles and lays in bed with Flash*

The sky was a lovely shade of dark blue, with a bright moon in the windows of the rooms, reflecting the bride and groom.
Soon after a few hours, the big day arrives, with a bright and beautiful sunshine, with birds singing happily and a beautiful blue sky.

*Helping with the preparations* 
Sonic: *Looks at her and smiles* The bride should not be doing these things on her wedding day.
Amy: Oh come on, for me it does not exist! All help is welcome, even being on her wedding day!
Sonic: *Laughs* If my mother could see you now...
Amy: EK! O.O'
Sonic: Ops.
Queen: Ah found you! *Looks at her cooking* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? IT WAS FOR YOU BEING GETTING READY! *Grabs her hand* Let's go Amy-chan, I'll help you with important things!
Amy: E-eh! O-okay!
Sonic: EEEEK!


*Leaves the toilet dressed as a bride*  ... H-how I look?
Queen: *Almost crying* Oh Amy-chan... you look so beautiful... *Starts crying* 
Amy: Queen Aleena...*Hugs her* Don't cry please *Smiles* 
Queen: You are beautiful, a real princess. *SMiles and grabs Amy's hand* Amy-chan, please take care of my son. Be happy! *Smiling and crying*
Amy: Queen Aleena... *Almost crying* 
Queen: No no no, don't cry *Smiles*  Now I'll see Sonic okay? *Leaves*
Flash: *Appears* Mommy, how I look?
Amy: You look awesome Flash.
Flash: *Smiles and cry* "I finally will see my mother and daddy getting married..."

With Sonic...

Queen: Sonic? *Looks at him* Oh my... Sonic you look so... so... mature... *Smiles and stars crying* 
Sonic: Thanks mom! *Smiles and hugs her*
Queen: You look just like your father...
Sonic: Hehe.
Queen: So, let's stay with the guests. Your friends want to see you!
Sonic: My friends? So, Tails, Knuckles and the others are here? *Smiles*

Back To The Past- Part 25
Excuse me for being just writing the comic, instead of drawing it. I really don't have time to draw ú-ù
But I hope you guys like it anyway ^^
Sonic, Aleena and Amy belongs to :iconsegalogoplz:
Comic, Sonic and Amy style and Flash belongs to me :iconamyrose116:
Finally I can made commissions, because I'm on vacation

 :iconyaayplz: :iconyaayplz: :iconyaayplz: :iconyaayplz: :iconyaayplz: <33333333

Traditional: 10 :points:
Traditional full body: 15 :points:

Lineart: 20 :points:
Digital(from the head to waist): 25 :points:
Digital full body : 30 :points:

Human(Just the face):  30 :points:

EXTRA CHARACTERS: +5 :points: 

:iconamyrose116: :iconamyrose116: :iconamyrose116: :iconamyrose116: :iconamyrose116:

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